Mike (Doodle)

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

After his first exposure to the flow arts at a small Ohio music festival over eight years ago, Doodle knew he’d found his path, and he started down it, poi in hand, never to look back. Struggling to find support in his hometown, he fled to the city to further his dream of continuing his art and finding a community to share it.

As he helped to launch and run a performance group, picking up a variety of new props along the way, Doodle’s dedication to and passion for the fire and flow arts grew exponentially. Eventually, his inability to resist a challenge led him to fire fans, and it turned out they were exactly what he needed – an expressive release for his analytically creative spinning style. After years of performing and spinning with his friends, he decided to take the next step and began teaching the flow arts as well.

Connecting with the Burning Man community inspired Doodle to further focus on using his art to give back to others. He took a leap of faith and left his performance group to fully dedicate himself to teaching and advancing the community that had helped him so much along his own path. Doodle now travels from coast to coast, sharing with others what he has learned and learning from those he shares with.