Jonah Digirolamo

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Jonah DiGirolamo has been teaching for a majority of his life. At the age of 9 he began helping in pre-school classrooms and hasn’t stopped teaching in one way or another since. In 2009 Jonah found the Flow Arts, changing his entire life. What started as a hobby quickly became an obsession and eventually became his entire life. In Winter of 2013 Jonah became a certified Firewalk facilitator, continuing his journey as a teacher. Ever open to the lessons available around him, Jonah looks forward to the next lesson on his journey while sharing what he has learned.

As a performer, Jonah first expressed interest in performing as the role of Jessie in “Annie Get Your Gun” at the age of 10. He continued to work in theater for the next decade, including acting, set creation, light and sound design and stage management. Jonah’s primary goal when performing is to evoke emotion in the audience, whether that be happiness or sadness, laughter or fear. His most recent accomplishments include both a duet and a solo piece in the Chicago Flow Show, and performing the Flow Motion Symposium Showcase.