Lauren Marie Weinstein

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Lauren Weinstein is living her passions of sharing in explorations of natural wellness therapies through Harmonized Healing. Gaining knowledge from an array of eclectic teachers and techniques on connection through mind and body, she has evolved a daily focus of fusing spiritual study with physical practice. As a Leukemia and chemotherapy survivor, she is proud to provide safe, restoring and non-invasive holistic modalities to individuals and communities. Offering private therapeutic sessions in home or at The Shakti Factory. Lauren is also synced in the fabrication of The Home Dome Collective, a geodesic structure which contributes to holding sacred space for workshops, meditation, yoga at a mixture of gatherings. While in the midst of pursing these directions, joyful energy is found through world travel, flow arts, blending deep relationships with Mother Nature and matters of our ecosystems through gardens + sustainable living.