Joshua Morrow

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Joshua Morrow is a friend, a father, a teacher, and a visionary of sorts. Specializing in Yoga, character and communication building exercises, workshop organization, and creating events to bring like minded individuals together to create a deeper community. His biggest work to date consist of a hub of teachers, guides, visionaries, and activists that created what is now known as The Home Dome Collective. This collective prides itself on bringing clean, sacred, and safe spaces to festivals across the country, where workshops, meditation, and yoga can be held and life can be celebrated in a humbling and open container. Josh is a man on a mission to bring us all together by focusing on what we all have in common, rather than how we are different. Josh has also been a very active leader in the workshop facet of our festivals and has introduced some truly incredible and moving interactions to our overall festival experience.