Tangled Branches

Dayton, OH

Artist Bio:

Hailing from Dayton, Oh, Tangled Branches, the musical vision of Zachary Hill, has been infusing modern visionary electronic music with flowing guitar melodies, creating a funky, timeless sound since 2013. Using a colorful palate of influences including psychedelic funk, trip hop and dub, Tangled Branches has created music that is intended for celebration, reflection, exploration and healing. From deep and funky basslines to waves of morphing synthesizer organic guitar melodies, Tangled Branches takes listeners on a journey through the infinite layers of human consciousness. In between playing festivals such as Resonance, Zen Awakening and Kinetic Fire and sharing the stage with national acts including Vibe Street, Govinda, Desert Dwellers and Blockhead, Tangled Branches is preparing to release a new full-length album, Adena, in early 2016.

Band Members:

Zachary Hill