Artist Bio:

With songwriting showcasing genre-colliding fearlessness and exemplary vocal dynamics, Cincinnati-based band Nevele has been combining solid musical traditions with contemporary electric flare since forming in 2012. The band is comprised of four members – Mike Heffron, Nick Heffron, Kurtis Unthank and Aaron Breadon – all like-minded individuals on a soul-bound mission to light fires in the hearts and minds of listeners with messages of life, love, and epiphany. The live electronica/fusion-rock band has brought their jamtronic grooves to venues and festivals throughout the area, including Star Gaze Music and Arts Festival, Paradise Music and Arts Festival, Pink Moon Festival and Rootwire Transformational Arts Festival.

Band Members:

Mike Heffron

(Keyboards, Vocals)

Nick Heffron

(Guitar, Vocals)

Aaron Breadon

(Drums, Vocals)

Kurtis Unthank