Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Offering the perfect mix of electronic dance music and jam music, Cincinnati-based band Ethosine has been getting crowds moving since 2013. Featuring members Cole Brokamp and David Sweitzer (formerly of Skeetones) as well as Robert Houk and Rory Cooper, Ethosine has embraced both genres of music, blending them seamlessly with high levels of live improvisation. The band takes the audience on a psychedelic musical journey featuring droning bass lines, intricate rhythms, heavy synth solos and more. While sharing the stage with hard-hitters such asĀ EOTO, Future Rock, Manic Focus, The Malah and Phutureprimitive, Ethosine has also taken the time to produce two EPs and one full-length album and are currently working on their fourth studio release.

Band Members:

Rory Cooper


David Sweitzer


Cole Brokamp


Robert Houk