Benchwood Wyse

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Ladies and Gentleman, grab your oven loaf bread and prepare to don a new jam on the toast that is metamorphosed into yesterday’s tomorrow. When electricalified guitar-axe-machine amplifier keeps screaming at you like a midnight neighborhood watchdog, Benchwood Wyse is here to smooth out the wrinkles of your fine linen sheets and operate sweet talk to your spaceship floating mind. Benchwood provides proper instrumentation like a dentist operating room table and pulls out the fusion and fugal of your everyday life to fuel your funk fix, clock tock-ticks, and lawn mix. Only then are you ready to open that jar of jam and show that toast who is boss. We are, Benchwood Wy

Band Members:

Adam Hoffman

(Drums, Vocals)

Harrison Belew


David Deutsch


Asher Chalkley