Vince Dibiaso

Fort Thomas, KY

Artist Bio:

For Cincinnati Ecosculpt award winner Vince Dibiaso, art is life and life, in turn, is art.
From the time he was a child growing up in Los Angeles, Dibiaso, who now lives in Fort Thomas, Ky, has been using his creativity and artistic vision to create one-of-a-kind pieces through various mediums, from drawing and painting to tattooing and creating metal sculptures.

Inspired by mathematical, surreal artists such as M.C. Escher, Dibiaso has spent nearly 20 years honing and expanding his artistic skills and vision.

As a long-time certified welder, Dibiaso has been able to combine his welding skills with his artistic vision to turn recycled metals into various artistic and functional sculptures.

Dibiaso has recently started combining his love of art with his love of music, and often paints live at concerts and music festivals.

Vince has been a crucial part of the Essential Productions community since the very beginning and is constantly changing his style and approach to keep things new and fresh. He has been the lead builder for almost all of our festival installation projects at every Paradise and Resonance and is hired for artistic installations and live painting across the country. If you can dream up a structure, this guy can build it!

Past Events:

04-02-16 Papadosio 10 Year Anniversary
03-01-14 Moon Hooch
02-14-15 IndigoSun
04-09-15 Random Rab
01-17-15 IndigoSun
03-12-15 Govinda

Favorite Band(s):