Logan Walden

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Logan is a multi-talented artist but his current mediums of choice are pencil, pen, paint, and Adobe Creative Cloud Tools. At one point it was film, video cameras and Final Cut but now his skills yield a much more diverse range.

‘I love story telling and the whole idea of perspective. Music and people inspire me more than anything. What a magical, silly, brilliant world we all exist in. How can I make others see things as I do? There are just some things I can’t say with words. I must use art.’ – L. Walden –

Logan is currently based in Cincinnati, OH and has been a live painter at local shows and festivals. Logan was also the Art Director behind many of the awesome ideas seen at Paradise and Resonance 2015 and has had tremendous influence on a wide range of our events and artistic approach.

Past Events:

10-25-14 The Werks | Zoogma
02-18-15 Twiddle
04-09-15 Random Rab
05-16-14 TAUK
10-18-14 Govinda
04-05-14 Dopapod

Favorite Band(s):