Isis Cuzzone

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Isis Cuzzone is a fiery and energetic young artist and is living proof that big things come in small packages. This little bundle of joy burst onto the scene with big smiles and dancing shoes in hand. Isis often experiments with multiple mediums but generally sticks to acrylic paints and watercolor. She is largely influenced by Japanese style anime and cartoons such as Pokemon, but has recently been expanding her range of design. Isis has also recently been branching out into different spray paint styles at outdoor events. She has received many requests for painting people’s favorite cartoon character and is always taking on new challenges when it comes to commissions.


Past Events:

02-20-15 The Main Squeeze
03-20-15 TAUK
11-14-14 Desert Dwellers
03-12-15 Govinda
11-21-14 Dixon’s Violin
01-23-15 Aqueous

Favorite Band(s):