Gavin Gonzo

Cincinnati, OH

Artist Bio:

Gavin is one of our more unique artists in his approach to the Live Art perspective. He specializes in hand painted jackets, purses, and any other leather accessories he can make into his own personal canvas. Whats even more intriguing is that all of the materials he uses for canvas are up-cycled and re-purposed leather goods. Sometimes a particular jacket or accessory just speaks to him, other times he does custom designs for you or anyone else you might gift these awesome collectibles; he will even paint a custom piece at a show right in front of you!

Past Events:

01-02-16 Moon Hooch
03-07-15 Earphunk
12-12-15 Frazzletown
01-29-15 Boombox
12-03-15 Joe Marcinek Band
02-13-15 Benchwood Wyse

Favorite Band(s):